Stephenie Meyer

Stephenie Meyer biography

Stephenie Meyer, mother of three children after the famous novel explode on the market

Stephenie Meyer was born
Hartford, Connecticut, USA, December 24, 1973
Stephenie Meyer has another name, namely Stephenie Morgan
Stephenie Meyer is often in the nickname
1. SteMe
2. Steph
Stephenie Meyer's height is 1.63 m
Together with her husband Christian Meyer. And three beloved children: Gabe Meyer (b.1997), Seth Meyer (b.2001) and Eli Meyer (b.2003), Stephenie Meyer happy.
A little biography of Stephenie Meyer
Stephenie Meyer-born precisely in Connecticut, 1973. Stephenie Meyer has not previously ciita ideals to become a writer, but all the imagination he was diligent to write. And can be proved with his first novel, romance novel Twilight by that much in love among the youth.
And New Moon is the second book in the series, in the third series lanjudkan Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn novel closed. in August 2008.
Not only is the fourth novel, Stephenie Meyer also wrote the international best-selling book
 entitled "The Host".
In making a name in the novel, he often make use of the name of family members and dear friends.

Stephanie Mayer novel of Work:

Twilight (October 2005)
• New Moon (August 2006)
• short story in Prom Nights from Hell (April 2007)
• Eclipse (August 2007)
• The Host (May 2008)
• Breaking Dawn (August 2008)
• Midnight Sun (coming)
• The Twilight Saga: The Official Guide (to come: December 2008)
• The Soul (forthcoming)
• The Seeker (will come)

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